Happy Hour: Not-So-Cyber Monday

  • Tennessee would like to remind you that you can’t use that whole Cyber Monday thing to avoid state sales tax. Even if the site doesn’t charge you anything up front, you’re still supposed to e-file. [WTVF]
  • Our neighbors to the north in Kentucky are getting a brand new country-ish music festival next summer called HullabaLOU. And like the good neighbors we are, we’ll happily lend them a modified CMApocalypse Bingo card for the weekend. [WTVF]
  • Super-secret Oak Ridge National Laboratory in East Tennessee is in the midst of a hiring flurry right now, and you know what that means. Actually, no one knows what that means because Oak Ridge is top secret. New supercomputer? [WTVF]
  • Metro Police arrested a Hillsboro High School student after finding a 9-mm pistol in his car, which was unloaded and allegedly going to be used for recreational target practice. [WSMV]
  • We’ve been wondering what’s to come of the “old” convention center, which is actually the “current” convention center until the “new” convention center is built. And anyway, it’s slated to become a one-stop-shop for medical equipment if the aforementioned “new” convention center is ever approved and completed. Ahem. [WPLN]

Photo by niseag03.