Happy Hour: No Shirts, No Guns, No Problem

  • Tennessee’s “Guns in Bars” law was ruled unconstitutionally vague this afternoon, citing the Average Joe’s difficulty of differentiating between bars and restaurants. The decision can be appealed, but the process could take up to a year. We’re also guessing that some less-vague version may pop up between now and then. [WPLN]
  • Hometown hero Miley Cyrus’ tour bus crashed in Virginia this morning, killing one person. The bus was allegedly carrying her lighting crew and she wasn’t on it at the time of the accident. [WKRN]
  • Almost 10,000 dead folks were found to be registered to vote in Tennessee. That’s reassuring, right? [WSMV]
  • Hunter’s Lane High School was placed under lockdown this afternoon following a gun scare. The school was reopened and no weapons were ever found. [WKRN]
  • John Rich was freed of all charges in the assault and harassment case filed against him by Nashville Star contestant Jared Ashley. [City Paper]

Photo by wjb13.

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