Bright & Early: La Bat Tower Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re pretty proud of the Bellsouth Batman AT&T Tower this morning, after hearing that some French online business journal, Le Journal Du Net, has named “La Bat Tower” as one of the 12 most original office buildings in the world. The Batman Building is listed alongside the World Finance Center in Dubai, the Dancing House in Prague and 9 other unique office buildings around the world.

  • Bite us. Our Preds emerged victorious over the San Jose Sharks last night, chalking up a 4-3 home game win. Way to go, boys!
  • Sticky fingers. Nyshier Oliver, 18 year-old freshman defensive back, is the fourth UT player to be charged with breaking the law in the past two weeks. Must be something in the water…
  • Them vs. them. Local publisher Thomas Nelson is suing Michigan publisher Zondervan after Zondervan totally ripped off Princess Gigi. …Yeah, we have no idea either.
  • Leggo my eggo. The nation is facing a devastating shortage of Eggo waffles, after Kellogg temporarily halted production at its Atlanta plant during the September flooding.
  • Bits & pieces. Look out, Memphis is breeding super-toddlers … Burglar startles 15 year old in her home, burglar flees and bites officer’s finger … Helpful tip: If you’re robbing a convenience store, it’s probably not a good idea to wander around the store for a while before heading to the bathroom to don a mask.

Photo by loudestnoise.