October Fools: East Nashville Not Really Getting Tunnel To Downtown

Bongo Java has a message for you East Nashvillians who really thought that a rooftop bowling alley, mini-movie theatre and an UNDERGROUND TUNNEL were moving in next door to their 11th Street location: J/K, guyz!

Turns out that Nashville is a little more gullible than they thought, and Bongo had to take the fun out of it by explaining the joke. While they did purchase the lot next door, they currently have no plans to dig a tunnel to downtown. From the Bongo Java newsletter:

The sign on the left here hangs on the empty lot next to Bongo Java Roasting Co. in East Nashville.  The East Nashville ListServe was quickly filled with speculation of “is it true?” and “who dunnit” and the like.  We even got an email thanking the developer for bringing this to the neighborhood.

We’re here to set the record straight:  we recently bought the property; we have no current plans for the site; the sign was an early April Fool’s Day joke.  Sorry.  East Nashvillians will have to wait for an underground tunnel to Downtown.
[Thanks to our friend Adria, who set the record straight all the way from Jerusalem for us!]

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