Friendly, Smart And Oh-So-Stressed [Mixed Reviews By People Who Don't Live Here]

Today’s announcement that Nashville has once again landed the #1 spot as America’s Friendliest City (as told by Travel & Leisure) serves as a great way to lead off this batch of Mixed Reviews by People Who Don’t Live Here. We’ve been hanging on to some of these for a while, because we’re slackers, but we can guarantee that by the end of this list, you’ll be well-prepared to defend (or degrade) Nashville to everyone you know.

Nashville is The Daily Beast’s 19th Smartest CitySportingNews12th Best Sports City, The Harris Poll’s #12 Living Destination and has the 29th largest TV viewing market in the nation, according to Nielsen. Oh, and we’re the 4th Best City To See Live Music (surprise, surprise)! On the flip side, we’re America’s 38th Most Stressful City, probably due to having the 14th Highest Manufacturing Job Losses (and 12th Highest Homebuyer Closing Costs). And we’re even middle-of-the-pack on a some things, as the state with the 20th Best Business Climate. Don’t you feel enlightened?

Photo by dotbenjamin.

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