Hold The Phones: Texting While Driving Ban (And Some Other Stuff) In Effect Today

Folks, today’s the day. Today is the day that the texting while driving ban officially hits the books, much to the chagrin of chronic crackberry-ers and speedy T9-ers alike. You all voiced some strong opinions about the ban a couple months ago, and the day of judgement has arrived.

Now that texting while driving is illegal, will you be putting down the phone while driving, or will you be taking your chances?

Some other things you can’t do starting today:

  • Visit the Main Branch of the library on a Monday. Our city is broke, the newer slimmer budget goes into effect today, and Mondays at the Main Branch were one of the things that had to go. Bordeaux, Edmondson, Green Hills, Hermitage, and Madison will all be opening at 10am instead of 9:30am on Mondays, too. All other branches are unchanged. CORRECTION: Bordeaux, Edmondson Pike, Green Hills, Hermitage, Madison, AND Southeast branches of the library will open at 10 am every day not just Mondays. And the Main library closes at 6 instead of 8 on Tuesday-Thursday. (Thanks, Jesse!) [Tennessean]
  • Pull one over on your bartender. Any driver licenses printed from today forward will have your birth date in giant red letters which cannot be mistaken for anything other than your actual birth date. So minors, no more flashing the ID in hopes that no one will notice you’re underage. [TN.gov]
  • Tote your loaded, concealed gun into a bar (yet!). This one doesn’t start for another two weeks. If you’re tired of waiting to carry your concealed weapon into a bar and you have a change of heart about guns in the meantime, consider trading it in for a circus ticket. [WKRN]
  • Buy wine in the grocery store… still. Not that we’re bitter or anything. Fortunately, you CAN have it shipped to your house from out of state now. [WKRN]

Photo by tim caynes, defaced by us.

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