Curing The Bonnaroo Blues: Fill That Ticket-Shaped Hole In Your Heart

It’s been a rough year for a lot of folks, what with the whole economic recession and the astronomical unemployment rate and such. Everyone’s cutting back on spending, and that may mean that you trimmed away your trip to Bonnaroo this year. Ouch. We feel your pain, but don’t worry! Missing out on the real deal shouldn’t stop you from creating your own Bonnaroo-ish experience right here in town this weekend. 


Tonight (Thursday) at 6pm at Grimey’s, now-locals The Bittersweets will be playing an in-store set, and you can catch the mini-show while you drown your sorrows in free beer from their label. Seriously. On Saturday, show up early for Andrew Bird’s in-store set at 1pm. He’s passing through for Bonnaroo, but seeing him free at Grimeys sounds better than battling traffic, mud, and busting open the piggy bank. Word on the street is that there may even be a few surprises throughout the weekend over at Grimey’s. Stay tuned. 

Don’t forget Poolapalooza on Friday, featuring Sons of William. If the thought of braving Opryland during CMA Fest has you sweating bullets, try Tango at Twilight or Big Band Dances instead. It’s all free!


Okay, so we don’t recommend Mobileroo if you have jealousy issues. But we DO recommend it if you want a one-stop shop to follow what people are seeing, hearing, and tweeting about at Bonnaroo this year. Bonus: Visit Fuse TV for a pretty great Blogaroo and all-around Bonnaroo media hub to keep your mind off (or on, whoops) your ticketless status.


AT&T is live-streaming Bonnaroo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Grab some snacks, get comfortable, and cackle to yourself as you sit in your air conditioned house enjoying the same performances that your sunburned, grimy friends are trekking half a mile uphill to see. 


Can’t see your favorite bands live? Would it make you feel better if you could snag some free mp3s from the best and brightest of this year’s Bonnaroo lineup? (No? Well, you’re no fun.) 


Live from backstage, listen to Bonnaroo Radio online for a great you-could-have-been-here-too experience. Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


You’re not completely broke, but the $275 ticket price was just too much to swing. Drop a significantly smaller chunk of change on some shows in town this weekend, and we bet you’ll forget all about the massive amount of fun happening without you in Manchester (but we’re, uh, not putting money on that bet). 

Thursday: St. Vincent with Pattern Is Movement at the Mercy Lounge, $12. 
Friday: Etta James & The Roots Band at Arrington Vineyard, tickets start at $49 (yikes).
Saturday: Bonnaroo Refugee Camp Show For The Ticketless (did they read our minds?) at the Mercy Lounge, $5-8; Shoot The Mountain, Jasmin Caset and Johnny Corndawg at the Five Spot, $5. 

After all that, if we can’t drag you from the depths of despair… You’re on your own.