Bright & Early: Cut Us Some Slack Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We hope that you enjoyed your long weekend as much as we did. From the looks of things, you were all at the movies, at Montgomery Bell State Park, at Percy Priest Lake, slacklining at Centennial Park at or at Loveless Cafe creating that 2-hour wait that we’re still bitter about. Looks like the staycation was totally in this year!

  • Oh, happy day. Mayor Karl Dean will be making a big announcement today at 1pm about the traffic madness in Green Hills. Is it possible that major improvements could be in store, even though Metro planners told residents earlier this year that remedying the situation would be impossible? We can only hope.
  • Summer break? J/K! Some 170+ students at McGavock High School have to go back to re-take their exams after violating the dress code on the last day of school. Students are indignant, their parents say they should have followed the rules and Principal Karl Lang just doesn’t want to see them in fuzzy house slippers and pajamas.
  • Throwin’ the baby out with the bathwater. Some crazy Memphis lady used her baby as a weapon yesterday, chucking the infant, carseat and all, at a Walmart employee who confronted her about shoplifting. The child landed face-down and lost consciousness, meanwhile, we’re losing all hope for humanity.
  • Bits & pieces. Commuter rail expansion is on the lips of local transportation leaders this week … A mysterious bottle, a list of chemicals and a threatening cassette tape caused a few hours of mayhem downtown this weekend. Who still uses cassette tapes? … New legislation may ban private companies from locking down your car with those pesky car boots … The ‘Dores won’t have to travel far to play in the NCAA Baseball regional tournament, and their odds are looking pretty good … Save the turtles!
Photo by tunnelarmr.