Elena’s Cafe: Bubble Tea In Brentwood, Hooray!

We checked out Elena’s Cafe in Brentwood this past weekend after noticing a sign for bubble tea in front during a recent trip to the neighboring Chile Burrito. Immediately, we were disappointed that we didn’t arrive hungry for lunch, because their menu looked incredible – A broad selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads and lunch or dinner plates with a Russian and slightly Mediterranean flair was the theme, and a fresh plate of baklava sat on the counter, distracting us as we tried ordering bubble tea. It goes without saying that we’ll be back as soon as possible to try the food.

Elena’s carries a wide assortment of flavors for bubble tea & smoothies.  Some of the more unusual options are red bean, bubblegum, avocado and Thai cream soda.  After at least ten minutes of indecisiveness, we decided on Thai milk bubble tea and a more adventurous avocado bubble smoothie. Both were delicious, but the Thai tea was the clear winner. The avocado smoothie (along with many of the other flavors) is made from a powdered flavoring, leaving a slight chalky feeling in the mouth, but the Thai tea was made from a delicious concentrate.

Elena’s Cafe immediately one-ups a certain other bubble tea place in town in two big ways: Price & convenience. They accept credit cards! Each size of bubble tea is $0.50 cheaper than the corresponding sizes at Fat Straw, at $2.99 for 16oz and $3.50 for 24oz. We still love Fat Straw, but we’ve certainly found a second home for our bubble tea fix at Elena’s.

Photo by bro0ke. Editor’s note: Photo not of Elena’s Cafe bubble tea.