Cheap Meals In May At The Pfunky Griddle & TGI Friday’s

What do The Pfunky Griddle and TGI Friday’s have in common? Not much of anything, unless you count the discounted food they’re peddling during the month of May! TGI Friday’s is pricing full portions of their sandwiches and salads at just $5 this month, with 16 menu items to choose from in the promotion – Any day, any time.

The Pfunky Griddle’s promotion is a little more limited, but if you’ve ever been to The Pfunky Griddle, you know it’s worth rearranging your schedule. Every Wednesday in May (from 4pm-7pm only), all-you-can-eat pancakes will be just $3 per person, a steep discount on the usual $6.99 price. We’re actually drooling at the thought of The Pfunky Griddle as we write this, and even though pancakes at 4pm aren’t usually our thing, you’ll know where to find us this Wednesday. [via Ms. Cheap]

Photo by bob the lomond.