The Food Network Names Rotier’s Cheeseburger Best In Tennessee

No Fat Mo’s for The Food Network. Instead, they named Rotier’s cheeseburger the best burger in Tennessee, as part of their 50 States, 50 Burgers feature. There’s even an interactive map, so if you’re wondering what the best burger in New Hampshire is, you can find out with ease. The winners will be featured in the upcoming May issue of Food Network Magazine. Nashville, represent! Thanks to @keithmilestn for the tip!

Can anyone testify to the greatness that is Rotier’s cheeseburger?

What's really the best burger in Tennessee?

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Photo by natecardozo.

  • There’s no way I’m reaching that 100% voted mark. I watched in horror as my vote percentage went from 69% to 61% during the last few hours of photo submission. If it makes anyone feel better, I only submitted about 109 photos, which is much less than the 1000+ by a few others. Holy crap, how many pictures of clouds or flowers can you take??? Regardless, this has been fun. And now I will do a shameful plug for my photos!!! 🙂

    • Haha, that puts my 4% to shame. I guess I need to get to work, eh?

      Good luck to you!