Hermitage Hotel Bathroom 4 Prez (Vote Now!)

There’s an important election coming up, and no, we’re not talking about the Dodson & LaLonde’s District 18 Showdown Of Doom. The Hermitage Hotel is clamoring to keep its prestigious title of “America’s Best Restroom,” which they won last August. And despite what you might have read today in every news outlet ever (thanks, AP!) they haven’t actually won it for 2009 yet. That is why it is our civic duty to go vote and make sure that Nashville and the Hermitage retain bathroom bragging rites for another year:

“From the architecture and room furnishings to exceptional customer service, The Hermitage Hotel has an uncompromising commitment to excellence,” said Greg Sligh, Hermitage Hotel President and Managing Director. “This philosophy defines everything in the hotel – including our distinctive Art Deco men’s room, which has long been known as Nashville’s most unique and elegant restroom. It is an honor for this whimsically distinctive facility to be recognized nationally as well.”

The men’s restroom, located outside the Oak Bar on the hotel’s lower level, maintains the 5-star elegance of the hotel, which was designed in 1910 to symbolize Nashville’s emergence as a major Southern city. The Art Deco restroom, which was remodeled in 1930, features lime green and black leaded-glass tiles, lime green fixtures, an authentic terrazzo floor and a two-seat shoeshine station. Since that time, the restroom has been the setting for music videos, business and political negotiations, as well as, believe it or not, wedding photos. [Best Restroom]

If you haven’t checked it out yet and you’re a boy, you should take a trip downtown and take some (non-creepy) pictures! Your Nashvillest ladies are curious.

Photo by MrMedia.