We Have A Winner (And Our Booties Are Safe)! [Caption Contest]

Earlier today, we put out a call for captions for a weird photo and discovered that you guys are way better at this than we are. It was a tough choice, but the win has to go to Twitter friend @niseag03 for the gem above. Thanks to another twitter @mike_causey, we also solved the mystery of why someone would be driving around in an Atlanta Booty Patrol car: They’re apparently die-hard Of Montreal fans. Not quite as epic as we’d hoped, but it sure made for a great picture. Thanks for all who contributed, and here are a few of our other faves!

  • Just another attempt by Georgia to steal Tennessee’s precious natural resources. First our water, now our booty. – Kevin Heim
  • I wonder if when they pull you over the sirens play “Baby Got Back”? – @emdyson
  • Pacman [Jones]’s Plan B is revealed. – dancedivam
  • “…In other news, it seems as though Atlanta is following suit of Somolian pirates with the addition of Booty Patrol units…” – @lucasaloysius
  • And bonus points to Thomas for pointing us to this pertinent and awesome video (NSFWish).