Bright & Early: We <3 earth="" edition<="" a="">

Good morning, Nashville. In honor of Earth Day, Governor Phil will be test driving one of those newfangled zero emission electric cars by Nissan. Joining him are some top officials from everyone’s favorite earth-loving entity, the TVA. We’re pretty honored that these folks were able to take a break from dodging lawsuits, spreading respiratory infections, and slinging toxic sludge everywhere to join in on this celebration of our beautiful planet Earth. Actually, we kid. Get back to cleaning, TVA, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  • Gas problems. The state’s natural gas providers are looking for a way to jack our rates up without all of that pesky regulatory oversight. Thankfully the state attorney general seems to have our backs on this, which may or may not actually help.
  • Belmont has a good idea. The good news on this Earth Day is that the good folks at Belmont have come up with a wonderful way to reduce campus waste–stop selling bottled water. We’re hearing some reports that a few students are devastated, but campus officials are inviting them to try out the BPA-free Nalgenes or aluminum bottles instead.
  • Bits & pieces. The proposed Music City convention center has a fancy new video … Preds’ Steve Sullivan wants to stay in Nashville, but wants us to pay him the zillions of dollars he deserves. Or okay, maybe we could just start with what he’s actually worth … Lipscomb is holding a HealthCamp, which is sort of exactly like BarCamp but about health instead of the internets … Our lotto scholarship money is running out, much like everything else in the state.

Photo by Peppysis.