Best Tuesday Ever: Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day [Freebies]

What better way to brighten up a Tuesday than a free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s? Hint: There really isn’t a better way. 

Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day is here, and each of our local shops will be participating from noon to 8pm by dishing out a free scoop of your choosing. Don’t be intimidated by long lines – Our past experience is that Ben & Jerry’s knows what they’re doing, and they’ll have you in and out again in no time. 

There’s a Ben & Jerry’s on Main St. in Franklin, and there’s also one on 21st in the Midtown/Vanderbilt area

Free Cone Day is practically a national holiday by now, and we think we should have the day off work so that we can observe it… But that’s another story. 

Photo by nataliej.