Tomorrow: Tim Gunn Makes It Work In Green Hills

Tim Gunn. Green Hills’ Kate Spade store tomorrow. Go! If you haven’t already run shrieking to stand in line, chances are that you’re not familiar with Mr. Gunn. We have two words for you – Project Runway. Gunn is the Knower Of All Things Fashion (some refer to him as “consultant” or “guru,” but we prefer our terminology) on the wildly popular Bravo show, Project Runway. He also has a laundry list of other fashionable credentials, including but not limited to his own television show, a book and a fancy-shmancy job at Liz Claiborne Inc.

Honestly, we had no idea that good ol’ Gunn had such a dedicated following, but after speaking to more than our fair share of ecstatic Project Runway fans in the past week, we have officially rescinded our skepticism. Sorry! Tim will be speaking about spring style from 5pm-7pm, and unlike a certain other celebrity’s appearance next week, this is free and open to the public, which is good enough to get us on board. View the invitation here for RSVP info and additionaldetails. Carry on. Thanks to Jamie W. for the tip, and Jennifer for the additional info!