Even More Miley (Can You Handle This?)

Nashvillians, duck and cover – Miley Cyrus will be appearing, like, forreal, in the flesh, at the Green Hills Davis-Kidd bookstore on April 9 (which, in case you weren’t keeping track, is just a mere handful of days away). She will signing copies of her new memoir, Miles To Go, and a ticket into the signing will cost you $25 (in addition to the $10-25 Davis-Kidd Gives Back Program membership fee)! What a steal!

Now, you may be surprised to learn that when tickets first went on sale, they only sold 50 of ’em. We don’t care enough to call to find out if they’re any closer to selling out now, but standby tickets will be available in the event that it does.

Ever so conveniently, Miley and her daddy will be appearing at the Hannah Montana movie premiere in Green Hills the same evening, but you can’t get in. Oh well!