Happy Hour: Where In The World Is Jack?

  • We can all breathe a big sigh of relief, for the stolen truck carrying A Whole Lot Of Jack Daniel’s has been recovered. But wait, they still haven’t found the actual trailer containing the booze. [WKRN]
  • Not that anyone will remember this by the time August rolls around, but the Titans’ preseason TV schedule is now up for the taking. [Tennessean]
  • In case you’ve been putting off renewing your burglar alarm permit, Wednesday is the deadline or else you’ll be on your own to fend off those burglars. [Tennessean]
  • TVA officials have to face the music once again tomorrow as they’re slated to appear before the Congressional Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment to continue trying to explain their spill. [Tennessean]
  • Meanwhile, they’re praying for rain. [WZTV]

Photo by Stephen Yeargin.