Photo Of The Day: March 13, 2008 [Feel Good Friday]

We realize that the meerkats at the Nashville Zoo are kind of a fall-back for Feel Good Fridays, but they’re just so darn cute! Even when they’re baring their scary teeth like Satan’s minions! Or maybe just yawning! Anyway, although it’s a nasty weekend for the zoo, they’ve got a boatload of newcomers this month including a couple of white tiger cubs that’ll be making their debut today. And if you follow Gumu the tweeting meerkat on Twitter, you may notice that he’s none too happy about it. 😉

Photo Of The Day will be a recurring feature for Nashvillest as long you keep giving us stuff to post. Don’t worry–we’ll give you props. Just add them to the pool or tag them with “Nashvillest” if you’re feeling lazy.