Carmike Cuts Us A Break: New Discount Theater, $1 Popcorn And Drinks

Carmike Cinemas is starting a new program, wherein Tuesday nights are dubbed Stimulus Nights and everyone gets popcorn & drinks for $1! We hadn’t realized how expensive movie food had gotten until we accidentally shelled out $11.50 for some nachos and a small drink the other day. We would usually just abstain from movie food, but for a buck, a giant tub of greasy popcorn couldn’t hurt! via Consumerist.

And in even better news, we’ve finally got ourselves a discount movie theater! Carmike is converting its Hickory Hollow 8 (yeah, Hickory Hollow is gross, we know) location to a $1.50 movie theater, and we couldn’t be more excited. But we hope you weren’t too attached to their Madison and Antioch locations, because they’ve been put up for sale. Bye bye, $9 movies and $11.50 snacks! For the grand total of $3.50, we can catch a flick, fill up our bellies on chemicals (on Tuesdays, at least), and dodge some bullets! via The Tennessean.

Will new discount prices get you to the movies more often?

Find your Carmike location here.

Photo by Dave Fancher.

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