Why Not Wine: Where’s Our Two Buck Chuck?

We admit it, we felt the sting of Tennessee’s current alcohol legislation a little harsher than usual when Trader Joe’s opened across the street from the Nashvillest HQ, painfully vacant of that 8th-wonder-of-the-world, Two Buck Chuck, and we know that many of our readers felt the same bitter pain. While it’s fun to sit around and whine about it on the internet, there are some other options that are more fun AND productive. Today is Red White and Food Blog Day, so if you’re passionate about bringing wine to grocery stores in Tennessee, jump on board! Red White and Food has a bunch of fun things happening on ye olde internets, and they make it easy to get involved in the campaign.

Of course, we know that not everyone thinks that wine in grocery stores is a good idea. Check out the major opposition and make your own call. And even if legislation changes to allow wine into grocery stores, we always encourage our readers to support local businesses. The experts at the Wine Shoppe At Green Hills and Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spirits are our favorites, and they can sure pick out a heckuva bottle of wine. No grocery store in town could ever fill that special wine-y place in our hearts quite like they do.