Bright & Early: Hat Tricks & Drunk Birds Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re pretty sure we could hear the Preds fans screaming all over city on Saturday after the epic 8-0 win over the Detroit Red Wings. It was a night of firsts for our Preds: First win by 8 goals, first time they’ve scored 5 goals in the first period (including the first 4 in 5:03, which is the fastest of any home game), and the last 3 goals in 1:24–also the fastest of any home game. And we can’t forget Jason Arnott, who scored the goals #5, #6, and #8 for the Preds’ first hat trick of the year. Clearly they were feeling pretty good on Saturday night (see the above photo wherein Shea Weber tries to rip off the head of some unfortunate Red Wing) and we hope, hope, hope they can keep it up.

Photo by somegeekintn.