Happy Hour: Booze, Snuggies & Other Miscellany

  • According to our Very Scientific Poll today, the people have spoken (all 62% of you) and Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey should be Tennessee’s official state beverage. So, um, Jack 4 State Bev! Quick, everyone start calling your legislators! Power to the people!
  • And in the same vein of silliness, you heard it here first: We are most definitely, absolutely organizing Nashville’s very own Snuggie Pub Crawl sometime in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out here once we get the details in order.
  • The Metro Action Commission is on its last leg of funding for energy assistance. And while you’re on a waiting list for them, they’re on a waiting list for the Powers That Be. [WTVF]
  • Tom Kilgore, CEO of the TVA, is really, really sorry about the raise he got in October right around the time they jacked up our electric bills. But he’s totally not sorry enough to give it back. [WSMV]
  • Since it started two years ago, Nashville’s 287(g) immigration enforcement program has unearthed more than 7,000 undocumented immigrants, about 5,000 of which are going through deportation proceedings. [WKRN]

Photo by partybooper_rob.