Happy Hour: Keep It Classy, Nashville!

  • Toby Keith didn’t exactly get the star treatment in Kentucky Saturday night when a fan flipped him off and then tossed a beer at him. Never the kind to be trifled with, Toby did what any self-respecting Okie-turned-Nashvillian would do and hopped off the stage, dropped a few f-bombs, challenged the fan to fight, and then had the guy carted out of the concert. But since Toby is a gentleman, Toby also apologized. Good thing someone videotaped it. [TMZ]
  • We keep hearing different numbers, but the latest figure for what Tennessee would receive from the current stimulus package is $4.3 billion. [WTVF]
  • Hey, so we’re getting closer to maybe being able to buy wine in our grocery stores! That’s exciting, right? [Tennessean]
  • Most of us missed out on the rain today, but it looks like you’re gonna need your umbrellas (and lightning rods!) tomorrow. [Nashville WX]
  • We’ve been ignoring this story for a few days, but the long and short of it is that Governor Bredesen may be up for a slot in President Obama’s cabinet as the Health & Human Services Secretary. Or maybe he won’t! Nobody knows. [Tennessean]

Photo by cdumo.