Bright & Early: Pot, Meet Kettle Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The new coach at University of Tennessee is already in hot water for using some illegal tactics to lure potential recruits to the team including a staged mock press conference and… a fog machine? Creative! The UT athletics department blew the whistle on Coach Kiffin and sent him a letter pointing out that he’d violated the NCAA’s policies. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time he’s gone rogue either, since the SEC sent him another nasty letter last week for spreading a rumor about Florida’s coach using illegal recruiting tactics.

  • State of the State. We expect to be hearing a lot about Governor Bredesen’s State of the State address over the next couple of days. He delivered the speech last night and if you’re feeling particularly masochistic today (or maybe it’s just what you’re into), here’s the full text.
  • Racial suit against Metro. A former Metro groundskeeper is suing the city after being laid off following his complaints about racism in the workplace. Though they offered him his job back, he would have had to take a lower position and let’s face it–who really wants to work for Metro right now anyway?
  • Bits & pieces. There is a giant job fair today at the fairgrounds for the 50,000 of you who are rocking the unemployment in Nashville … Nashville home sales are the lowest they’ve been in 15 years … The number of salmonella cases in Tennessee is now up to 13 … Pacman became a free agent yesterday after Dallas decided they didn’t want him either.

Photo by Silenus81.