Bright & Early: You Win Some, You Lose Some Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We have to admint we’re not real surprised to hear the news this morning that those super-ugly condos on the corner of 5th and Main in East Nashville aren’t actually selling like they were supposed to. The sorry state of the economy and housing market and probably the fact that they’re kind of atrocious-looking may have something to do with only seven or eight of the 130 units selling. Consequently, Wachovia has stepped in and taken control because the owners are, oh, about $29 million in the hole.

  • School daze. Metro Police arrested 12 Hunters Lane High School students yesterday and charged two with assaulting an assistant principal and campus supervisor. As Channel 5 astutely observes, “[n]o parent wants to see teens hauled out of their child’s school in handcuffs.” Uh, yeah.
  • Sob stories. Because it’s apparently illegal to let your car heat up in the morning without you in it, Metro Police have been taking advantage of the cold snap to dole out some extra tickets. So if your 6-month old kid has a fever and it’s 17 degrees outside, don’t go heat up your car before you take them to the hospital. Lesson learned.
  • Bits & pieces. The Preds won their third in a row last night and Steve Sullivan didn’t keel over … The Metro Council is considering some small improvements to the city’s water system to the tune of $500 million … The TVA is settling in for the long haul with the ash spill cleanup in Kingston … The parents of the two kidnapped Middle Tennessee kids who turned up 20 years later are hoping to meet them out in California.

Photo by kjamesh89.

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