Life Is Complete: Flight Of The Conchords At The Ryman

We nearly peed ourselves when we saw this tweet from @wages, exclaiming “WHOA! flight of the conchords at the ryman? what?” Sums up our thoughts exactly. A quick Google search revealed that Flight of the Conchords are indeed scheduled to hit the Ryman on April 10. It hasn’t even been added to The Ryman’s site yet, but there it is in all its shining glory on We may have even felt a tiny twinge of affection for Ticketmaster just now.

Presale begins this coming Monday at 10am, and then begins the long 2-month wait until the show. We’ll try not to spontaneously combust in the meantime.

UPDATE 1:49PM: We’ve found the presale password, and since we don’t want to be spoilsports, just go add Flight of the Conchords on Facebook and then view their recent updates. You’ll find it there. Enjoy!