Captain D’s Introduces

You may have previously been unaware that Captain D’s is a Nashville-based company, but boy, are we proud of them right now! Anyway, Captain D’s is having a little wrestling match with that OTHER seafood chain over some advertising that compares their prices to that OTHER seafood chain’s (hint:  Starts with “Red” and ends with “Lobster”) prices. That OTHER seafood chain send Captain D’s a cease-and-desist letter, to which our feisty hometown friends have responded:

Well, we’re not going to Cease and Desist, and we hope you’ll join us by visiting, where you can watch our response to Red Lobster’s Cease and Desist letter. And the first 1,000 visitors also get a free “I Refuse to Cease and Desist” t-shirt. Wear it with jeans, wear it with slacks, but most importantly, wear it with pride. For more information, visit or

Unfortunately, we missed the boat on the first 1,000 t-shirts. But we’re proud of these locals for being innovative, bold and for jumping at the chance for a great marketing schtick. Way to go, Captain D’s!
(via Post Business)