Bright & Early: ROFL OMG HAY BFF LOLZ Edition

Good morning, Nashville. With Metro Schools failing at pretty much everything these days, it’s good to see people trying different things… we guess. The principal of Hunters Lane High School recently gave her cell phone number out to every kid in the school and asked them to text her because she feels like it’s a good way to relate to them. Back when we were young’uns, cell phones were not allowed in school (and we had to walk to school uphill both ways in the Virginia Beach snow, etc.) so we’re interested to see how this sort of thing will pan out. She says she gets 300 texts a week and that she thanks God every day for unlimited texting, and that she’s getting really good with the acronyms. Surely there’s some way to harness the texting energy and turn it into test results that won’t get our schools shut down. Surely.

  • More and more layoffs. The Davidson County Sheriff’s office may be laying off upwards of 100 people in the next few months. They’re not sure how that’s going to affect the rest of the city since crime goes up whenever the economy goes south, but the Sheriff said something about pulling one leg off of a three-legged stool…
  • Not that any of them are reading. The Nashville Public Library is doing its part to help out the unemployed Nashvillians by offering a computer class for the “computer-challenged.” Yes, they said “computer-challenged.”
  • Bits & pieces. Two students were held up at gunpoint last night inside their TSU dorm and had both their laptops stolen … The former MTSU student who slashed another student in the school’s parking lot a few months ago is trying to get out of attempted murder charges … It’s getting warm again! And then it’s getting cold again! … Rep. Susan Lynn is getting all bloggy about her sexual harassment allegations against Speaker Kent Williams.

Photo by scragz.