WKRN Offers Cheapo Eats And Other Sundry Services

A while back, we stumbled across a little-known trick for getting local restaurant (and other services such as tanning or massage) gift certificates on the cheap. No, not Nashville Originals – though we love them, it’s hard to enter the fray at 6:30am four times a year to try to score our favorites. No, the trick this time around was our local Clear Channel affiliate radio stations, The Big 98 WSIX and 107.5 The River. 

And there’s more where that came from. 

Our local ABC affiliate, WKRN, has a special Half-Off Nashville Thursday site, with deals stacked so high we can barely contain our excitement (and our credit cards) while browsing. And lo and behold, it’s Thursday! So without further ado, pull out your wallets and spend us right out of this recession, okay? Okay. We knew we could count on you. WKRN’s Half-Off Nashville Thursday deals go on sale every Thursday at 8:30am, and there are limited quantities of all gift certificates.