All Prius Owners: To The Left, To The Left

Those smirking hybrid owners zipping around during the Great Gas Crisis Of Aught Eight, or when the Great Gas Prices Topped $5 In Aught Eight, may be a little less smirky now that gas prices have settled in under $2 for a little while. But fear not, oh smirking Prius driver – now you can drive in the HOV lane, even if you’re commuting solo. You are superior once again! But before you fly past traffic on I-65 during rush hour today, take some time to apply for your HOV Smart Pass, a bright green sticker that you must affix to your shiny hybrid before you have the right to ride in the HOV lane. And not all hybrids qualify, nay, most hybrids do not qualify. Click here to see if your hybrid is on the list of qualifying low-emission vehicles. [via the Tennessean]

What puzzles us is that the state is only printing 650 SmartPass decals to start, and we feel like we see about 650 hybrids in the Hill Center every day. (We kid, we kid – We’re just picking on hybrid owners because we’re jealous that we can’t afford them.)