Bright & Early: Timmy 4 Prez Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’ve been hearing whisperings for a long time about Tim McGraw’s alleged plans to take a stab at the gubernatorial race in 2010. Though it’s pretty doubtful that he has any plans to do such a thing, the possibility definitely gives us something to smile about this morning. Or roll our eyes at, depending on your preferences. McGraw would most likely be hopping on the Democratic ticket and taking on former Senator Bill Frist. Hypothetically, of course.

  • Sounds to stay at Greer. After a months-long battle over the Greer Stadium lease between the new Sounds owners and the City Council, they’ve finally reached an agreement that will keep the team in their ghetto stadium.
  • Shelters overloaded. In awful weather and an awful economy, Nashville homeless shelters are practically bursting at the seams as they try to meet the needs of thousands of Nashvillians with nowhere to crash, saying they’ve never seen anything like it.
  • Bits & pieces. The EPA won’t be easing up on power plant restrictions any time soon … Find out how Tennessee’s delegation voted on the auto industry bailout … No snow for us today, y’all 🙁 … If you’re not reading this until noon, you were probably sitting in traffic on I-65.

Photo by HereOnTheRoad.

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