Bright & Early: Something To Brag About Edition

Good morning, Nashville. What better way to start the week than to brag about our Titans a little bit? Over the weekend, the guys defeated the Cleveland Browns 28-9 to claim the AFC South title and become the first team in the NFL to clinch the division championship this season. We can’t be sure, but we suspect that at this very moment Jeff Fisher is finally cracking a smile beneath that endearing mustache of his. So this is your cue to clothe yourselves in powder blue and break out the Fisher-flavored ice cream because we’re going to the playoffs!

  • Good news all around this morning. Andi Varagona, one of the two Nashville women injured in the Mumbai terrorist attacks, came home this weekend. The other woman, Linda Ragsdale, is still in India but is reportedly doing well.
  • Overtime. The Metro School Board is working overtime to find a new director for the school system so that (God forbid) Mayor Dean doesn’t have to take over. They interviewed their third and last candidate over the weekend.
  • Bits & pieces. A Tennessee farmer thinks the EPA’s new idea to charge people for their cows’ gas is a bad idea … A dog that went missing in Tennessee turned up 700 miles away in Arkansas … Vandy gets to play a boring bowl game in their own city … Two of the Blackwater security guards being charged in a massacre of Iraqi civilians hail from Knoxville.

Photo by WJ11.