Bright & Early: What Recession? Edition

Good morning, Nashville. So we hear the recession is official, eh? Here on the home front, the number of Tennesseans living on food stamps has jumped almost 10% since January. Unemployment claims have also skyrocketed and are more than seven times what they were at this time last year. Meanwhile, our stores are closing and our manufacturing plants are laying folks off left and right. And we can’t forget that our credit card debt is one of the highest in the nation, second only to ALASKA–yeah, we think it’s safe to say there might be a recession.

  • Good Morning, America. One of the Nashvillians who survived last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai was on Good Morning America yesterday talking about her (fairly horrific) experience and how she was able to make it out alive.
  • Retail woes. … Which kind of puts into perspective the fact that Nordstrom won’t be opening their doors in Green Hills for another year because of this whole recession thing. Though we tend to think Green Hills would be just fine without another high-end retailer.
  • Bits & pieces. Jack White is pulling another weird collaboration by asking Ricky Skaggs to help out the Raconteurs with the new album … Here are some pictures of snow to make you jealous since we didn’t get much yesterday … Out in Memphis, Sen. Ophelia Ford is trying real hard to explain why she had to take $12K worth of trips this year … More English Only drama.

Photo by ChicagoEye.

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