Bright & Early: Colts Fall Apart, Hilarity Ensues Edition

Good morning, Nashville. What a game, right!? We were afraid the winning streak was over there for a while, but then the Titans rallied from behind in the second half and defeated the Colts 31-21. And if there was any doubt, we definitely heard the heavy artillery fireworks that went off outside almost immediately after the clock hit zero. Heck, all of Middle Tennessee probably heard them. But let’s face it–a 7-0 record is probably worth celebrating.

  • More layoffs. As part of an effort to cut costs (and 5,000 jobs), Whirlpool will be closing its plant in Jackson, TN, which should do wonders for our October unemployment rate. Jackson has been hit hard. Overall, Jackson has been hit a little harder than the rest of the state by the recession with close to a 9% unemployment rate during the month of September.
  • Bells, TN shocked by report. Speaking of West Tennessee, the town of Bells is reeling at yesterday’s news that a Bells native was planning a killing spree and an assassination of Senator Obama.
  • Bits & pieces. When the economy is down for the count, the scammers tend to come out of the woodwork … We’re sure everyone’s waiting with bated breath to see the state report card, which comes out November 10th … Larry McGehee, former chancellor at UT Martin, passed away on Saturday.