The Best Missed Connections [Gems From The Nashville Craigslist]

Everyone loves a good Missed Connection. In larger cities, they’re a gold mine of entertaining and desperate folks who can be pretty funny on occasion. In Nashville, they’re usually just borderline scary once you realize that these people are dead serious. But once in a while, the vigilant Missed-Connection browser can find something good, and our friend Morgan Z. happened upon a handful of pretty hilarious ones. They were too good not to share. Missed Connection Number 1:

At the Gas Station… – w4m – 25 (Nashville)

I was so excited to finally be putting gas in my car that I barely noticed you standing there looking at me.

25 years old
5′ tall
100 lbs

ripped and stained blue jeans
no shirt

When you came up to me and asked me if anyone had told me that I was the ‘purdiest little thing in Nashville’, I knew it was meant to be. I could hardly resist you with your hairy chest and giant protruding beer belly! I blushed and wasn’t sure what to say besides ‘thank you’. We connected there for a moment…me, filling up my tank as quickly as possible and you, running your tongue through the spaces where your teeth used to be.

Maybe we will run into each other again…I’m sure that you don’t have internet in your home underneath the overpass and probably won’t read this message. If not…well…pumping gas just won’t be the same without you.

Missed Connection Number 2: 

man with red hair and cape – w4m – 24 (west end)


you had me take this picture for you in centennial park and I didn’t have the nerve to talk to you.

Please find me you are my night in shining armor

As for Missed Connection Number 3… Well, we’ll just link you to that one. Read at your own risk. 

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