Bright & Early: Chicken Little Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It seems the sky is falling in north Nashville, complete with 75-pound rocks raining down from the heavens and battering people’s houses. Actually, it’s just debris from blasting at a construction site down the road that has residents up in arms. Some are seeing damage to their homes that won’t be covered by insurance, but Rep. Ben West Jr. says that developers and homeowners simply need to learn to coexist in a crowded world and in the mean time, they’ll look into changing the laws.

  • He really loves English. Eric Crafton is reintroducing a bill that would slap an interpreter fee on any Nashvillian who needs a Metro service translated into another language. He compares it to his mother having to pay when she calls an ambulance, which is not really the same thing at all.
  • Don’t tell Al. A study found that Nashville’s average temperature in 2007 was 3.7 degrees warmer than the average between 1971-2000, which we guess is why they call it an average.
  • Bits & pieces. Employees of the Metro Government will get some major discounts on Nashville General Hospital … A group of endangere whooping cranes will be making their way through Nashville during an ultralight-led migration … Three students were arrested yesterday afternoon following a fight at McGavock High School … The Summit Polymers plant in Shelbyville will be closing down and leaving more than 250 people unemployed.

Photo by thetruthabout.

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