You Tell Us: Would You Like (500 Calorie) Fries With That (1160 Calorie) Shake?

Due to the high percentage of obesity in Nashville (and really, in Tennessee), Metro Health is considering making Nashville the first city in the South to require restaurants to disclose nutritional information on their menus. The requirement would only extend to chains with more than 10 locations, and the restaurants would have to display caloric content on their menus or menu boards. Only a handful of cities currently require this of restaurants, so it’s a pretty big step to be considering. [WKRN, Tennessean]

Nashvillest readers, let us know your thoughts on the proposal. Are you cool with it, or does it just rub you the wrong way? Do you think it should apply to independent restaurants too, or does the 10-restaurant qualifier seem a little restrictive? Do you think they should they just stick to regulating fast food chains? Tell us in the comments!

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