Bright & Early: A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Edition

Good morning, Nashville. After an exciting afternoon with the FBI, the TBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and various different police departments, the suspected MTSU terrorist is safely put away in the Rutherford County jail. Freshman Justin Davis, a dental hygiene major, lit some stuff on fire and sent an Email Of Mass Destruction to school officials, causing them to evacuate the campus until next week. Davis is scheduled to appear in court next month for three counts of arson and one count of terrorism. Here’s to next week being a little less eventful for the MTSU kids.

  • Gas prices dropping. Along with the stock market (down almost 700 points already this morning), gas prices are also falling quickly and are expected to hit their lowest point this year sometime in the next few weeks. Which is good news as long as there is gas at all.
  • Tim & Faith 4 Prez. What kind of morning would it be without a good presidential endorsement from a country music star? This time it’s Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who were supposedly seen schmoozing it up at Al Gore’s Tuesday night fundraiser for Barack Obama.
  • Bits & pieces. A Clarksville teacher was getting her drunk on at school, according to students … Tennessee is in deep trouble financially, may have to pull from reserves … Metro and the Sounds are still feuding about the lease on Greer Stadium.

Photo by gongus.

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