Oktoberfest, Er, Germantown Street Festival, Er, What?

Though it was announced weeks ago that Germantown’s annual Oktoberfest celebration would be splitting into two separate festivals… On the same day… At the same time… In the same place. Well, people are still confused, and rightly so. Let’s just make this clear: There are two festivals this year. And that’s all we’re going to say about that. Here are your options, and you can slice ‘em and dice ‘em however you please: 

The Annual Germantown Street Festival & Bier Run

This is the celebration that allows you to wake up early on a Saturday and go for a nice sprint. But it’s probably worth the effort, since this is the Bier Run, and you get free bier (that’s beer). After the Bier Run, a typical Oktoberfest – Oops, we mean German Street Festival – will take place all day with food, more beer, music and kiddie activities. And a tour of homes – how German. 


Featuring all the same things as the Germantown Street Festival (minus the Bier Run) except the tour of homes is a tour of churches. The most important part is that both festivals will have pony rides for your children. And beer. Amazing.  

So the verdict is that we’ll probably walk from one to the other since they’re mere footsteps apart. They are both this Saturday, they are both from 9am-6pm, they are both free, and they are both in Germantown. Easy to remember, at least. 

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