Bright & Early: Business As Usual Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re pretty exhausted after our epic night in the international spotlight, and what’s all this about water falling from the sky? It’s raining, you say? We’ll believe it when we see it. At any rate, the candidates are pulling out of town as we speak, trying to put last night’s colorful debate behind them, and Nashville returns to business as usual. Good thing we have these pictures to remember them by.

  • English Only makes the ballot. All the excitement almost made us forget about that English Only ordinance that Councilman Crafton managed work onto the ballot in January’s special election, which will only set us back about $350,000. We say, add it to the councilman’s tab.
  • Big accident on 65. You might have been one of the lucky folks who got stuck in traffic on I-65 yesterday evening due to a 14-car pile-up at rush hour in Sumner County. None of the injuries were serious, but they weren’t able to clear the wreck until after 9pm.
  • Bits & pieces. David Kernell has been indicted for hacking into Sarah Palin’s email a few weeks ago and is looking at some jail time and a hefty fine if found guilty … Two Tennessee National Guard units will soon be deployed to the Middle East … The stock market might be melting down again today, or maybe not.

Photo by hereontheroad.

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