Walk Nashville Week Is Running Away

People, people, people… Walk Nashville Week is, like, running away from us! It started on Saturday but we’ve been so busy poking our noses where they don’t belong around Belmont that we totally forgot to write about it. Now, many of you may consider the Great Gas Crisis of Aught Eight to have been your Walk Nashville Week (it sure was for us)… but don’t let that stop you from getting out and walking around our very un-walkable city this week too. Today is Walk Your Neighborhood Day, which we’ll be taking advantage of as we tramp from Green Hills to Belmont tonight because all of the roads are closed. 

Walk Nashville Week may be halfway over, but it’s a great reminder to get out and WALK somewhere instead of hopping into the car by habit. 


  • October 7 – Walk Your Neighborhood Day
  • October 8 – Walk To School Day
  • October 9 – Walk For Active Aging Day
  • October 10 – Walk to Lunch
Check out Walk Nashville Week’s website for more information and special offers for each day of themed-walking. 


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