Wanted: Stripper Pole [Gems From The Nashville Craigslist]

Someone in Nashville is looking for a stripper pole on Craigslist. We should probably drag ours out of the attic and give them a call. You know, as a service to our community. Thanks to Brenda for the tip!

WTB Stripper Pole (Nashville)

looking for a stripper pole. If you have one you want to sell let me know. Thanks.

Photo by Amber Rhea

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  • HillbillyBob

    I aint a fan of Hanna Montana my self, but to be honest i think she looks verry nice in this picture, but her dad looks like his enjoying this photo no offance Hanna Montana, and i am not implaying that she is a hillbilly like me:)

  • My name aint valid

    i aint one to ponder, but i think that maybe miley cyrus is the most amazing girl out there. she made 18 million dimes in a year, which shows real potential. i like to think that as a tennessee home blood, that i’m somehow related to her. after all; everybody here is incestuous – why not keep it in the family! i love my dungarees; they practically the same as miley’s. she’s an amazing girl and i wish her every joy. but i’d better go; cause there aint enough cow dung to power this computer no longer!

  • Koneffeczka

    she is my favourite staaar < 3 ; *