Google Bus Rides Into Town… And Back Out

One of our readers happened to catch the Google Bus on its brief trip through town today – And you can too, if you’re quick on your feet and located somewhere near Vanderbilt. Google has packed up an eco-friendly school bus and they’re traipsing around the country to raise awareness for their Google Apps for Education program. Remembering how excited everyone was to see the Google Streetcar zipping through town and videotaping us all, we can’t help but feel a little sad that we missed out on the Google Bus. And we hear they’re handing out free Google swag. Keep an eye on the Google Road Trip page to see if they post any photos or footage from Nashville!

If you hurry, you can catch them before they take off at 4pm from The Commons at Vanderbilt. Thanks to @yogariffic for the tip!

Photo from the Google Student Blog.

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