Happy Hour: So This Is What Thursday Smells Like

  • The kids at Amqui Elementary School in Madison had a rough day today. In the adorable words of the school security officer: “Unfortunately we had an unusual intruder which was a little baby skunk and because of him being kind of excited and he let loose an odor in there you see.” [WKRN]
  • Nashvillest’s favorite local celebrity couple are also having a rough time of it: Not only did Keith manage to slip a disc, but Nicole topped Forbes’ list of overpaid actors and actresses. [WSMV]
  • Mayor Dean really wants to get crackin’ on the public transit issue. He’s serious this time. No, seriously. [Tennesseean]
  • From the Department of It’s About Time comes the new Metro policy to discipline Metro employees who leave city-owned vehicles idling. So report ‘em if you see ‘em. [WSMV]
  • Expect more English Only petition postcards to be coming to a mailbox near you… 11,000 to be exact. This time around, they’re calling for a special election on January 22nd to vote on Councilman Crafton’s infamous initiative. We don’t mind as long as we’re not the ones paying fo–oh, wait. [Tennessean]

Photo by fieldsbh.

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