Bright & Early: Cultural Sensitivity 101 Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Members of the local Kurdish community are none to pleased with the Williamson County GOP this morning after discovering that party officials posted a statement (EDIT: Screenshot by Mike Byrd) on the group’s website back in July saying that “…There are 8,000 Kurdish immigrants living here in Nashville trying to repay our hospitality by robbing us and dealing drugs.” The statement refers to the felony convictions handed down to two members of the Kurdish Pride Gang that actually didn’t make national news this time around. Local advocacy groups are calling the statements racist and stressing that the activities of the gang don’t actually reflect the entire Kurdish community.

  • Parting the sea. The struggling Bible Park USA theme park is getting a new developer that hopes to be able to give the project its final push. We’re just hoping it doesn’t end up here. New Guy has this to say: “The park will break the mold in the religion-based tourism market, which is one of the fastest growing segments of international tourism today.” Eesh.
  • Congratulations! The Nashville Chamber has published a comprehensive list of the 88 Nashville schools that have been able to meet the tough No Child Left Behind benchmarks. Unfortunately that still leaves 34 schools that aren’t quite up to par, but we’ll let ‘em celebrate.
  • Bits & pieces. It’s getting cooler next week! 80s instead of 90s, but we’ll take what we can get … Despite being all shades of impressive this year, Rascal Flatts was totally left out of the CMA nominations … A high-speed car chase all around Nashville and Hermitage ended in a wreck and a couple of arrests yesterday.

Photo by William & Mary Law Library.

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