Nashville Newcomers: DrinkHaus Espresso & Tea

Coffee shops reproduce. That’s the only explanation we’ve been able to come up with as we watch infant businesses spring up on every corner. Not that we’re complaining. We took a trip to Germantown this weekend to welcome the newest of the bunch into the fold. Meet DrinkHaus

Germantown was quiet on Saturday afternoon with no more than four cars in sight around the Summer Street Lofts. When we made our way into DrinkHaus (500 Madison Street, #103) it was empty, but by the time we left 20 minutes later, several people had passed through. The decor inside was bright, clean and modern, but it’s tiny. 

We tried a DrinkHaus exclusive, the orange zest cappuccino. It had a unique and pleasant flavor, although the large shavings of orange peel made it hard to sip. We also ordered an iced chai, which was pleasant (but made from a concentrate). The real treat was DrinkHaus’ gelato. We decided to try the mango blood orange gelato, and it was nothing short of incredible. It was smooth and creamy, and the flavor was a perfect blend of mango and blood orange. We’ve already decided to go back to try some of the interesting blends of organic teas available, but it’s really just an excuse to get some more gelato. 

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