Happy Hour: Dunkin’ Those Donuts

  • Mayor Dean had a productive trip to Boston this week, throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game and trying to see if he can hook us up with a few more Dunkin’ Donuts stores. We can get on board with that. [Tennessean]
  • As if we needed any more, the Scene gives us another reason why the May Town Center is an all-around bad idea: It’ll be the ghetto of the future. [Pith In The Wind]
  • The woman in charge of that enormous puppy mill was indicted today. Around 700 animals were taken from the mill last month and a lot more were found dead or injured. [WTVF]
  • We realize this isn’t the best story to follow up with, but the state of Tennessee is offering a free hunting day for everyone who’s been itching to give it a try but don’t want to spring for a permit. [WTVF]

Photo by peppysis.

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