Bright & Early: Save The Bladderpods Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Here in Middle Tennessee, we have some weird quirks that set us apart from the other two-thirds of the state, ranging from our amphibian diversity to that big Parthenon thing. We learned this morning that there’s also a rare plant that grows here and can’t be found anywhere else in the world–and it’s about to be extinct. The Spring Creek bladderpod only grows near a creek out in Lebanon, which is also where Wilson County wants to run a sewer line. The landowner is pulling out all the stops to reroute the line and save the species, which wouldn’t survive the disturbance.

  • Bust out the paint chips. A Maury County seventh-grader was called out by the principal at registration for wearing the wrong shade of royal blue. The principal pointed out that her shirt was “a few shades too light” to be royal blue and wouldn’t fit in with the Standard School Attire requirements.
  • Good news! The Riverfront Landing barge isn’t sinking anymore. Metro Parks officials called in the experts from Kentucky who discovered that there were a few holes that had rusted through the exterior of the structure. A few quick fixes, emptied out the water, and now it’s good to go. Until it rusts again.
  • Bits & pieces. John Rich’s Nashville Star was finally put out of its misery last night; congratulations to winner Melissa Lawson … Early voting may actually be working in Davidson County … A public library is set to open inside the revitalized Bellevue Center Mall … Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees today, and some Antioch teachers are getting ready for school without A/C.

Photo by cgrantham.

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