Cold Treats: Tasti D-Lite Comes To Town

If you’re like us, paying New York only the occasional visit, you may not have heard of Tasti D-Lite. We did some research and discovered a tasty frozen yogurt treat with a cultish following of passionate and loyal fans, which can never be a bad thing. Previously confined to New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida, Tasti D-Lite is expanding. At least 16 stores have been contracted in Tennessee, and yes, they’re coming to Nashville. 

We’ve been promised a similar style frozen yogurt from the new Provence location opening soon in Green Hills, and there’s the new-ish Yogurt Oasis hidden on West End, but Nashville is devoid of Pinkberry, Red Mango and the thousand other yogurt knock-off chains. We’re partial to our local businesses, but this is one national chain we’re eager to start seeing around town. Welcome to Nashville, Tasti D-Lite. [Thanks to Jamie R. for the tip!]

Photo by amandabollinger

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